Post Thanksgiving

You would have thought that I would have done a big old “blah-blah-blah-Blog” about how thankful I am this holiday season….etc etc etc ad nauseum.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

You know why?  Because each and every day I have something to be thankful for.
And I remember to be thankful EACH day for those small (and not so small things)-

I am thankful for a day/week/month with no seizures.
I am thankful when there is no traffic leaving school so Jack doesn’t get upset.
I am thankful for non rainy days so Jack can be outside.I am thankful for DVD’s that don’t have 10 minutes of previews before the expected show.
I am thankful for the co-op putting those gluten free high end chips on sale.
I am thankful for those small moments of awareness when Jack makes a connection.
I am thankful for laminate floors that make cleaning up fuzzball mess much easier than carpet.
I am thankful each day for continued health and learning.

I am grateful and thankful for a daughter who rises to the challenge each day– who can spot a seizure, stem a temper tantrum,  doesn’t mind being a slinky holder or a partner on the bounce-poline, and loves unconditionally.

I am thankful and grateful for a husband who seems to have super-powers– who works, loves, balances, teaches, shops, cooks, and MORE with his eye on the big picture of FAMILY.

And I am thankful for my family.

Last Thursday was about ALL of that and a truly bitchin’ turkey dinner.