Beware the Lego

Jack likes to throw things.
And he is a dead on shot.

It is not maliscous
It’s all part of his stimming

He throws rocks in a kiddie pool in the back yard– he likes to see the splash and the water ripple
He throws little bits of fuzzballs into the wind- he likes to see the bits of yarn float into the sky in random patterns.
He throws shoes, toys, Lego’s, and anything else that can be hoisted.
We walk the perimeter of our yard looking for items of all sorts in the bushes, over fences, on the roof and in the pool.
Inside, this translates to slinkys stuck on ceiling fans. To Legos strewn everywhere.  To random items in my sewing room.

So therefore,

Our home comes with a visitor advisory:

Watch your phone.



Keep tabs on beverages


So when you come to visit, and I hope you do:
mind your stuff.