Not now, honey, mommy’s busy…..NOT!

Of the many hats I wear…”sewing teacher” is one that I occasionally don.
Yesterday I gave a lesson in cleaning up your sewing machine (basic tension, adjustments, etc) and pillow enveloping to Jack’s one on one aid.
She is a peach of a woman that has been with Jack for years.
She is a woman who delights in Jack and Jack feels pretty much the same about her.
He says her name with warmth and a wistful smile.

So, just imagine Jack’s surprise yesterday when she showed up at our home…..
He was beside himself with joy and delight.
She sat down and he immediately wanted to show her things….DISHWASHER!! DIANE!! DISHWASHER!!
Then he came up behind her with his beloved (and rather stinky) Giants Baseball cap: HAT! ON THE HEAD! DIANE!! HAT!

His voice was nothing but shrieks of joy.

He was giggling.  He was beaming.  He was happy.  He was chatty.

All while she was here, he was a little bumble bee in flight, coming up behind her to tell her things, to show her things, to just smile at her.
Believe it or not…….we DID get things done.


I think about what our reaction would be if Jack was a “typical”?
Run along…… we need to get this done.  Don’t be a pest dear, we need to work on the machine, etc etc.
But this is Jack.  And these communications, interactions, and moments are important.  And special.

So they are encouraged.  They are savored.  And they are applauded……

I think back to when my daughter was younger….I was guilty of the “run along dear”.
Now…..Not so much.

I try on a daily basis to connect to her.  To SEE her.  To learn from her and to teach her.

Come to think of it.
I’d like to do that with everyone I meet.  🙂