Another day, not just another dollar

As I write this at 5:20 am, Jackson has been up since 4:20 am.
The first 15 minutes of which was him in bed hittting the covers, then flinging his arm upwards with the sound of
“woo-hooooooooooooooooo! *gigglegiggle*woooooooooooooohooooo! *gigglegiggle*
No amounts of gently rubbing his back and quietly saying “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh nighttime.  shhhhhhhhhhh bed” was going to change the fact that Mr. Jackson was ready to get up and at ’em this morning

I must say, as far as early risers go:  Jack awakes with a purpose and a joy.
I watched him trundle down the hallway and into the kitchen with a giggle.

And I think back to Jack’s day yesterday.
Wait.  Not JUST a good day.
He had a day that was full of contentment, compliance, and joy.
He came in from an afternoon of throwing fuzz bits to the cold crisp breeze.
He ate his dinner with no complaint.
He sang while walking down the hallway to get a bath.
We sang songs and splashed in the tub.
He delighted in teasing us about one of his toys…….
(Octagon! “no, Jack, that is a circle!” *giggle giggle* OCTAGON!!)
He engaged us.
He made eye contact.
He responded to love and hugs.
When it was time to settle down, he requested chair time with daddy-
(wanna sit with you.)
He cuddled and became sleepy with daddy and went willingly to bed.
He talked of his day to me before falling soundly asleep
(circle.  mmmmmmmmmm wooohooo!mmmmmm octagon. spinning.)

Then finally : soft contented snores.

And I knew.  He had a HAPPY in his soul that day.

Truly happy.  A contentment. A gratification he had- it seemed– with himself for successfully navigating the world….

now that I think about it……
maybe that’s why he just couldn’t wait to get up –

and do it all over again.

*sips coffee*
Lesson learned, Tina, lesson learned!