Out of the closet…….

It has been over a year and a half since I have begun blogging about my adventures with Jackson.
Through it all I have received nothing but positive feedback and praise for this little boy whose life touches many.
My readers here and over at Jack’s Facebook page have come to love this little boy.
Jackson’s smile gives joy to people.  His love of fuzzballs, slinkys, and all things spinning is endearing.
His struggles with seizures and TSC is inspiring.
Jackson is, as always, living in the moment.

So now it is time to come out of the closet.
Jackson is part of a movement that many support, some fear, and others are on the fence about.

Jackson is a medical marijuana patient in the state of California.
He is so with the blessings/knowledge of his local pediatrician and his TSC clinic.
While some may have images of a an 11 year old “sparking up” , let me assure it is nothing like that.
Jackson takes a dropperfull  of a non alcohol based tincture in the morning and a product called Rick Simpson oil (also known as “Phoenix tears”) in the evening.
Neither of these products have a psychotropic effect.
Let me repeat that:
They do NOT have a psychotropic effect.  That is to say: Jackson is NOT getting “stoned”.
There is no “head change”.

These are carefully crafted MEDICINES that have proved radical in Jackson’s treatment for his seizures, his TSC, and his joint pain.

The process is above board and on the up and up.
The dispensary where we choose to purchase Jack’s medicine is safe, friendly and……INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGABLE about their products.

We live in Humboldt County which is widely regarded as the stoner capital/pot growing mecca of the United States.   However, we are not alone in the medical marijuana movement.

Check out what is happening in Colorado- with the Realm of Caring – and their specially crafted strain known as “Charlotte’s Web” that is showing amazing progress in the treatment of seizures.

Georgia is next.
Fingers crossed.
Check out what is happening there through Connor and his mommy

It’s happening, people.
It’s slowly happening, but it IS happening, and lives are being saved and being made BETTER with the use of medical marijuana.
I’ve seen it.
I’ve felt it.
And I stand solidly behind those that are fighting for the legalization of medical use of the cannabis plant.

Still with me?
Does it change the way you see Captain Jacktastic?
Are you appalled?  Surprised?

We are still who we are.
And we continue to fight the good fight.

18 thoughts on “Out of the closet…….

  1. I am a medical marijuana patient in the state of Oregon– I have Autism, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety, and a host of other mental health issues, and as a result, my back is messed up and I have pain issues. I think of all the meds you can give a child, this is actually one of the safest– I speak from years of experience with psych meds and what horrors some have caused– nothing has helped my symptoms (not just pain symptoms, either!) more than marijuana. I don’t think you should have to feel any shame about making your kid’s quality of life better.

    • Oh…..*I* have no shame. But it is true that we must be careful with preconceived notions about what it is we are doing. Which is why I decided to speak out.
      And I am grateful that YOU too have safe access to this wonderful medicine. 🙂

  2. Definitely with you! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Though our son is not currently in need of it, it would be devastating to find out it could help but you can’t get it or in order to get it you have to move. I am, intimately, aware of the known, accepted drugs we are are ‘allowed’ to use for our son’s epilepsy and can tell you, if there is anyone who thinks they have the right to deny our children a safer, less damaging alternative to make their lives more comfortable and less painful, they better start explaining themselves.

  3. I love you for speaking up. I hate you for hiding it as it needs to be spoken up about it. No, I dont’ hate you for it. I understand why you were hiding it. I’m surprised you haven’t spoken up elsewhere about it!

    This is something I’ve discussed many times over. For myself. For the kids. In general. Once people stop freaking about being “stoned” and realize that MEDICAL use of it is safer than most of the medicines prescribed for just about everything in terms of mental function…I think people can see the reality of it.

    So THANK YOU for speaking out. THANK YOU for going publicv. THANK YOU for letting us all share this like madpeople. You’re the first person I know to admit their child is using it medically. And that gives me hope. Because while I’m not a “marijuana to get high” kinda person (I’ve never ever used it. And I have family with severe addiction issues to it…obviously PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction but addiction nonetheless) the medical benefits are absolutely mind blowing.

    Love you my friend and love Jack too. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Annnnnnnd I had another friend’s Jack on the mind when I typed Jack instead of Jackson. YOu know what I meant. 🙂 ❤

  5. Maybe I didn’t read everything….
    I am curious what it is helping? How do you know it is helping? As a parent of 2 kids with Autism I wonder what, if anything, could help them with various behaviors.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kathleen:
      In the post I state:
      These are carefully crafted MEDICINES that have proved radical in Jackson’s treatment for his seizures, his TSC, and his joint pain.

      We also feel it is beneficial with anxiety levels and helping him sleep through the night.

  6. OMG I am SO happy for you guys!! I hope you see awesome changes in his seizure activity and even more progress with behaviors. I saw the documentary about the little girl -Charlotte- in Colorado a year ago and thought of you immediately. God bless you on your path.

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