SEIZE the day

Do you know what a seizure looks like?
For reals and for true?

Unless you are related to a person with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, chances are you don’t.  And more power to ya’–  I hope you go your whole life without having to deal with one.

But let me tell you– you may see someone having one and not even know it.
TV and movies would have us believe that seizures mean a person flails around like a just caught fish and comes out of it fairly easily.


Jack has/had seizures.
I have seen him flail around and held him while it happened
But TV doesn’t talk about how the body goes dead weight, stiff and has a jerking motion to just one side…
or the vomiting
or the loss of bowels
or the danger of aspiration
or the danger of not breathing
or the possibility of being life flighted
(Check the lips, check the pupils, get the rescue meds, call 911)

There are those seizures.

Then there are the ones that are NOT like that.
The body stiffens, the eyes go glassy and the head drops.
Jackson becomes non responsive and we try to “talk him back”
And they pass……

Or Jackson starts to grind his teeth and gag…..
That starts another type…..

You have heard me talk alot on this blog about living in the moment
But I must also say that we live moment TO moment…..

It can be exhausting.
And you can never let your guard down.

I give you this video to watch –it was taken a few days ago.

Jack was having a grand time watching our neighbors dog chase bits of fuzz ball over the fence….
It was FABulous fun.
But watch.
WATCH the video in its entirety,
And see if you can spot our lives change in an instant.

Seize the day, my friends…..because every moment is precious.

And just so you know….
He was fine.
A little rest, a snack , and water and he was back at being Jack.  ❤

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