Merry day of Lots of people here

A  friend asked me if  Jack was excited about Christmas.

The answer? Nah.
After all,  how does one EXPLAIN Christmas to a child like Jack?

You really can’t.
And really, why SHOULD you?

I can tell you this:
Jack is excited about all the LIGHTS!
I capitalize it because  he joyfully SCREAMS the word.The same goes for the Christmas tree.
I mean how cool is that?!  There is a TREE inside the house!
And that TREE has LIGHTS on it!
Jack refers to it as the TRISTRIS tree.
Our tristris tree is devoid of anything fragile or breakable.  I mean, what with all the lights and such, it is ripe for getting Leggos, straws and blocks thrown at it.
Christmas morning will be just the same for Jack.
He will rise.  He will get his bowl of  cereal and a drink and will sit in the chair watching Spongebob.  He will get his meds in a bowl of goat yogurt and mashed banana.  We will entice him to open presents.  And the best part will be:
RIPPING PAPER!  Sometimes the gift will be cool to him……but mostly its about ripping paper.  🙂

All the festivities will go about and Jack may or may not participate.
He may or may not stop to throw something at the tree.
He will just be Jack amidst all our strange rituals.
He will be.

And he will be loved.


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