What does it mean?

Every night, as I walk into the bedroom with Jack he does something that annoys the heck out of me and I can’t seem to make him stop.
He knocks over the plastic laundry hamper that sits next to the bed.
It is not a violent motion.  It is not a malicious moment.
It is just a “hey, there’s that thing…..I need to tip it over” matter of fact motion.
Sure.  I could move it.
But there is really no other place to put it.
As he climbed into bed last night, after tipping over the basket, I got to thinking about his routines.
And somehow it occurred to me that this has a purpose for him.
Whatever it is…..I am not sure WHAT it is….
but it is part of his going to bed…..
He sees me close the door.  Turn on the sleep machine.
Pull back the covers.
Perhaps this is HIS contribution.

I am going to focus on being less annoyed.
And see this through Jacks eyes.

Wish me luck.  ❤

One thought on “What does it mean?

  1. It’s gotta be hard to live with parts of the routine that are noisy. On the one hand, they make cloth hampers that wouldn’t make as much noise or tip over as easily. But on the other hand, what if it is an important routine for him? What would he replace it with if he couldn’t tip over the hamper?

    I wish you luck with your patience.

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