Before we go any further, I want to tell you what I DON’T want this blog to be about:


I am not rolling my life out with Jack to elicit comments about how strong I am or what a great job I am doing etc etc. I appreciate those comments….but that’s not what I am after.

What I AM after– for ME, for Jack, and for all those other warrior parents and children out there is


The average person walking by us in the grocery store, the Costco, or on the street may see just one minute of our life and make a snap judgement about what it is.
Please: Don’t.

You may see a child drooling, staring, stimming, or any other number of what you perceive to be “odd” behaviors.
You may hear noises and sounds that don’t sound too happy or melodic–to YOUR ears.
When you see us and you stare…..
Please have the courtesy to smile.
That downcast look doesn’t help.
We don’t pity ourselves or our children.
The downcast look with a quick turn away because you were embarrassed to be “caught looking” doesn’t help.
We are not embarrassed to be with our child.

If you have questions about their condition or behavior–ask.
But, please — ask nicely, and have respect for the answer.
Ask after our children just as you would ask after any other child you see out in public.
We have trials and tribulations,  joy and milestones to celebrate like everyone else.

That’s  just MY two cents on  this stormy Friday afternoon.

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